The Approach

A consistent work process is the key. The generally includes the following:

An Initial Meeting (phone, web or face to face) will allows a joint review of the key requirements, the approach to meeting them, an outline budget and other practical issues of the working relationship.

Talk to and Record the views of people who have an interest in shaping and resourcing the project.

Create a Record of the current situation and the requirements for change, as a base for future work.

Establish a Vision of how to address the requirements and draw up a Plan of Action.

If necessary develop some Prototypes or Proof of Concept Models to create confidence in the proposed changes.

Where necessary Develop/Acquire, Secure and Implement the required IT Assets and Services; designing and implementing appropriate Business Processes.

Support the agreed Communication Strategy so that everyone involved knows where they are.

Have regular Review Meetings to ensure the focus is on your priorities.

Have a Closure Meeting to sign off the project.